Social. Governance.

Environmental. Social. Governance. (ESG)

About ESG

ESG and the broader drive towards a sustainable, resilient and inclusive economy is the most critical trend of our time. As consumers, regulators, investors, governments, businesses and institutions address climate change and march towards a better future, your organization can use good business as a force for good.

The sustainability revolution will have the magnitude of the industrial revolution, yet the speed of the digital revolution… the greatest opportunity to create jobs in the history of the world."

Gain cost efficiencies, business value and market differentiation from the right approach to ESG.


Topics include energy, emissions, waste, papers, plastics, metals, minerals, recycling, water and more


Topics include culture, inclusion, diversity, ethical sourcing, safety, training and more


Topics include resiliency, data security, privacy, risk & controls, ethics and more


Sustainable bond issuance is expected to hit $1 trillion in 2021, with global dedicated ESG equity funds over $2 trillion by year-end

Over 80% of investors attach real importance to ESG considerations, with 85%+ more likely to hold an investment based on strong ESG performance.


More than 90% of S&P report on ESG, and 75% of the world’s largest companies have ESG initiatives with an increasing view to supply chain participation.

Less than 40% of mid-size companies have any ESG initiatives. More than 30% of companies expect to increase spend on ESG.


SEC created a Climate and ESG Task Force in 2021. NASDAQ issuing new guidelines and rules around diversity.

Major changes and restructuring of sustainability and ESG related regulators and standards in 2021.

Recent formation of new major laws on labor in the supply chain.

Increased commitments and changes from UN and international pacts.

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